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hi a newbie here


hi i just found this site and it looks like what imlooking for.i have depression for years and more recently accompnied with anxiety, all iget when i go to see the doctors they just give me pills that make me feel like i have taken drugs, they wont refer me onto a psychaiatrist just keep trying new pills every month. i feel so alone and have no one to talk to

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Hi nadeelia

Is there any support groups in your area you could join? That might help with feeling alone and maybe they’d know how to better get a referral to a psychiatrist.

nadeelia in reply to TalonNimbus

none that i know of, i moved 300 miles away from my home town 2 years ago and i have only been to the shop (about a 2min walk away from my house) a handfull of times, i rarely leave the house just the doctors mainly

Eriq70 in reply to nadeelia

Oh no. How can I help you? I'm sure we can figure out some resources.

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