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Getting off meds?


Hi everyon, I suffer from both depression & anxiety have been on meds for 3 yrs and I recently decided to get off 3 of the 5 medications I was talking only staying on Xanax & Ambien because I can't sleep without that at all no matter how much I try, Well the 1st few days off my meds I was feeling good everything was well controlled...but as it almost reaches a month every day it seems to get harder to cope with just the every day I want to ask if I should keep on going off my meds eventually this symptoms will pass or should I get back on my meds... something I really don't want to do any more???..

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Hi it can be difficult to tell can't it! The golden rule seems to be to wait until you have felt better for at least 6 months then wean off them very slowly under a doctors guidance. If you aren't doing this then it could be worthwhile to have a chat with your doctor.

This could be withdrawal symptoms or it could be just that you are coming off them too soon and your symptoms are returning.

I hope you find some solution. x

APRRZ in reply to hypercat54

Thank you so much for your advice, wow 6 months seems like forever it's only been a month for me and it's just so hard with all the mental and emotional rollercoasters...I have an app in a few days with my Dr. let's see what we decide as my next step. Thank you.

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