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Depression. 30mg citalopram causing belly ache


Hey looking for some advice here. I'm currently dealing with depression, on 30mg citalopram and have been since the new year. They are amazing but they really give me the worst belly ache even when I eat, I'm often constipated and get really farty and bloated. Not sure if its the pills or my brain tryna deal with evrything going on. Can anyone suggest any over the counter stuff I can get or anything I can eat to ease the cramps? Thanks

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oh and I'm so sorry to hear about your stomach with the medicine I don't know much about that- I do know about some foods maybe things that can help stomach issues but guess you'd also need/want to talk to your doctor about it as well though to! I'd recommend eating less sugar as possible and if you do let it be natural forms from things like honey and fruit no artificial sweetners they can cause major issues with stomach and even depression and mood issues as well!! try eating more whole foods with mainly vegetables small portion of protein like turkey or chicken at every meal! eat foods soothing to stomach like organic yogurts I love coconut yougurt right now or organic whole milk Greek yogurt if not allergic to milk, aloe is really good for stomach as well as ginger root if you're not used to it try a ginger tea first or ginger mints from trader joes! Also some find peppermint and fennel root or seeds to help with gas and bloating. I hope some of this can help you☺️

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