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I feel like drowning into loneliness

And make me feel like a bottle,

All this cover from outside that covers just an empty craziness

It’s turning my world upside down

And make me feel like the shadow of the Universe.

I’m traveling from street to street

But nobody sees me.

I see their faces and their fast movement like everything will last forever

Inpatients, and think all this is material

Immaterial... abstract! It’s just a fact

That nothing it’s concrete

Just doubtable and questioned in every step and second.

This universe complete of lies and deceptions

Will never fulfil this empty soul

Black it was yesterday and now it’s disappearing.

You think it’s just conceptions?

Maybe rejection from an unreliable entity called God.

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Maybe talk therapist or hotline


Thanks Lisa . Maybe one day.

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That's Amazing...I'm your biggest fan..

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