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Cried 3x this week


Right now my stomach hurts and I'm still laying in my bed. I'm hungry but I'm too tired to get up.

My problems outside is moving out to another place.

But we gotta sell our house before we move.

And where my parents want go is gated and I guess safer?

I'm 23 and I just want to get out of this house and live somewhere else.

I still feel like a child who feels the need to be taken care of... And a teenager who is just so rebellious or what not.

Like not going to work because I felt like shit about my problems.

I'm like... Not okay

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Let me reassure you we all do this in some form. YOU HAVE PROBLEMS. So what if you deal with them differently? We're all made different and we all deal differently. We're not all good liars. I think that's a good thing. To me you sound very depressed. Are you seeing someone? It helps. It really, really helps. I was 23 once and I thought the world was constantly ending. It didn't. I'm 37 now and I still feel that way. Like nothing will make me better. I'll always feel this way. You won't. I promise. Let's talk.

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