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Just want it to 'go away!'


I know we all know that feeling... I have been doing 'manageably ok' for quite awhile for which I am grateful. Beginning several days ago, both anxiety and depression start in totally ruining my mornings; thankfully evenings are better.... Wish I knew the triggers... I don't want to start on Rx meds again, and a lot of this is probably due to my own lack of taking my alt. meds on a daily basis the way I should. I have to remind myself of what I so often tell others: this, too, shall pass... wish it would just hurry up! Sending out loving best wishes and understanding to all of you. Just had to write to vent a little.

PS: wouldn't it be nice if we have a little medical device like the Dr had on Star Trek Next Generation... first zap would diagnosis...second zap would 'fix it all up.'

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