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Lots of changes at work are causing anxiety and lack of sleep

What are some mechanisms for dealing with anxiety at work. Lots of changes at work are causing me to have constant anxiety. Good changes, I was promoted, no perform well at work but lots of anxiety apt night and trouble sleeping. Yes I am on anxiety and depression meds but looming for tools for resilience.

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what's good about the changes? why are there constant changes?


The anxiety I have is not about the promotion which is great. But i have to do my old job too until I hire my replacement. It is hard to accept good things sometimes. I guess my concern is more about why something good can cause anxiety.


that sounds like fear to me. about not knowing what the future holds, whether we can sustain something and what to do when things go pear shaped. so perhaps the anxiety is a combination of a lack of self confidence and the expectations we all have of ourselves and the fear that somethings are too good to be true. doing two jobs is no easy task, one would be a grind for most. you are being a bit over critical of yourself maybe. do you have colleagues who you can rely on and work with you through your changing roles?


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