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Is this depression?

Hey Guys....I'm confused ...I seen a Dr recently (Psych) who said in her opinion I wasn't depressed just exhausted.....My main problem has been going outside without someone with me or I feel panic and paranoid...(social) people staring/judging me in a bad today I needed to pay a bill that was one was around so I forced myself out and got that bill paid and managed to go shopping for food..which is a big thing for me some will know I also have Autism/Aspergers and this makes everything more difficult....but all I feel is I didn't enjoy any of it and life feels hopeless..instead of happy because I managed this today and on my own!!!!! I also want to comfort eat I crave lots of feels depressing but this Dr said I'm not...Wondering if anyone could shed some light as u guys give the best advice :) x

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well, you know....I think I would get a second opinion....cause I know a number of years ago before my therapy and meds, my anxiety was very paralysing at times for me to the point where I isolated. I was not agoraphobic, but just very very depressed. So sometimes I think symptoms get over lapped and it's quite possible your not happy when you are forcing yourself to do something and it's not a pleasant experience for you, that would make anyone feel down, and yeah, I do understand comfort eating to feed our feelings....but I just think there's more there to what your doctor said. I'm sorry you had such a difficult experience paying the bill and shopping on your own...but my a's a good thing did it....and that's a first....your okay, you did good.


Thanks fauxartist...Good to hear from u again :) I do believe I'm depressed...the way u described the paralysing anxiety and isolation is exactly how I feel...At this point I'm literally afraid of everything...almost life itself...nothing seems enjoyable anymore and I almost need a reason to go outside now or else I don't see any point....I wish meds would work for me fauxartist...glad they have helped u :) Ive tried several antidepressants and either sleep for hours or feel so agitated I can hardly sit the Dr didn't want to put me on any more...I take only 1mg a day of Diazepam...I tried to tell myself positive things when I went out today because I know deep down I had managed something I usually couldn't do...Appreciate your encouraging words..helps to hear it from someone else sometimes :)

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in my recent personal experience just having and knowing that there is support for me and not with any emotional attachmemt, eg family or friends. this has helped me want to move mountains, and i am doing.without going into my very lengthy detailed issues of my life, ive been in a bad plave place for a couple of years now, always felt like there was just no way of crawlimg back to where i once was. i hit the bottom, or at least for me anyway and finally things are changing, i do hope you get your pinacle changing time soon. oh and i like to eat sweet fruit like grapes, oramges or even boiled beetroot when i crave sugar, it satisfies the craving but in a healthy way :)


Thanks rigbear :) So glad to hear things are improving...its encouraging people hope that things can get better...Good advice on things to eat ..other than the sweet stuff...I notice I always do this when really stressed and put weight on...then I feel even worse..vicious cycle...I managed to get some support today...I'm in the UK and I contacted my Social Work Dept and they have given me help to tidy up my house as it had become impossible for me to keep going...I was exhausted ..they will help me once a week ...I have Ocd and not being able to tidy the house has been stressful that's positive news...:) Appreciate your help so much...all good people on this site...Stay motivated..:) x


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