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Stuck in the mud


I have absolutely no other conclusion that in order for my treatment to effectively work, if at all, , that I have to eliminate one major stress factor which is my husband. And out of all the terrible things, he's done I still have an unsettling feeling whenever I even so much as think about it. Let alone planning and acting upon. All I want to do is leave, be at peace and fix whatever is broken within me without having him there to terrorize me at every chance. Just tired of being bullied and dealing with my illness alone

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I'm sorry to hear this. Always remember you come first. If you need someone to talk to, plz don't be afraid to message me.

Thank you.

I am sad that you are under duress. I believe that change is influenced more by bad than good. It is hard to accept the bad when you are standing in the middle of it, but look at it as a stepping stone that will provide you with the courage and information to have a great life. Do what you need to do for your treatment, and know that you are doing it for you.

Best wishes....

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