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When do you say the meds not working


So I am going on 6 weeks of being on Zoloft. Yesterday we upped my dose to 100mg twice a day. I have had some good days on the meds but I have had some real bad days. I told the psychiatrist yesterday I just feel unsettled and nervous.

So when do I say to him I don’t think it’s working? He assured me we would get me feeling better and there are other things to try.

I have an appointment with him in a month.

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I take Paxil and they just upped my dose. Had been good for over a year or more but too much stuff going on now.

Give it a chance. Doesn’t happen quickly. I am taking lorazepam and doing affirmations that I found on YouTube to carry me through until the med kicks in.

i was on Sertraline (Zoloft) for 4 weeks and had awful side effects. I asked to be put on Amitriptyline. It is not an SSRI. Taken it for 7 days now; Still not at 100% but way better than when I was on Sertraline.

Sounds like you are doing right and doctor is listening. Just keep following up and telling him how you are feeling.


So. Here I am again. I didn’t make a month away from my psychiatrist actually had to go back twice. Added topomax. Then I tried buspar again and this week has been hell. I have an appointment tomorrow. I just don’t know what to do. I am so tired of feeling like this. I don’t want to go through trying another anti-depressant. I am scared of the side effects. Would if my anxiety and depression gets worse.

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