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Worrying about not panicking


Hi guys! I wanted to get some insight from you all. I’ve been reading Hope and Help for Your Nerves and I am really trying my best not to feed the “second fear”. I’ve been working on this the last couple days and it seems to be working extremely well. Here is my slight hang up....I’m a little bewildered by not having panic. I’m not complaining at all and my anxiety is not gone completely. I just find myself a little caught off guard when my days aren’t comprised of being on a constant edge of panic. Does that make sense?

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It was published in 1960 something but it is as relevant now as it was then. For me, it talks about physical symptoms and normalizes them. It also does a great job of breaking down anxiety and panic and how they work in your mind and body. It’s an easy read. I would highly recommend it!

Hope and Help for Your Nerves (in the US)

Dr. Claire Weekes


Somebody once told me- It’s OK to be OK.

It's a matter of conditioning. Your nervous system had grown used to being on the edge of disaster, and it became a way of life. Now you see that you're not on the edge after all. It probably does feel strange at first, but now you can get used to being relaxed and happy!

Thanks for the reply. I kinda though the same thing in my head but it is always nice to hear someone else verbalize it as well!!

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