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Pray On My Child


Hello I'm new to this group hope that it helps me with my severe depression. I've been in a depressing state for a while it started when I was taken from my mother I was only 11 going on 12. I was placed in foster care until I was 18. I have 5 children that I had to protect and provide for. I've been homeless, jobless, living with people, and so much more. My life has not been great at all. I was recieving help along with medication it helped but since I kept moving around I lost my insurance. Sometimes I feel so lost. I pray, I cry because this isn't the life that God planned for me. I have so much more that I would like to share with someone positive someone to help me.. I pray that someone in this group will. Thank you

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Greetings ForevaMe12! I can but only offer my apologies for such a harsh life, perhaps god has planned it for us as these roadblocks may serve as building stones for our character! I pray that you may not only begin to feel better but that your life begins to improve! For none of us deserve such cruelty in the world but do not lose hope! Everything has a silver lining! & it is up to us as people to find them. Have a blessed & wonderful day! :)

Thank you so much.. I pray as well

Who is caring or your children now? Your post asked for prayer on your child. Was that meant for your children who are being moved by you so much you lost your insurance?

You have a very difficult life; I wish only better things for you. But where are your children, are they being fed, housed, loved and receiving the medication they need?

My children are grown now I have a 1 year old grandchild that is with me and his mom. Pray On my Child is God telling me don't give up... Pray On my Child. When I say I lost my insurance yes i did. I was going to the doctor to see what is really going on and they told me it was PTSD.. SEVERE DEPRESSION.

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