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Does Anxiety + A Relationship Work?

So I’m currently seeing/dating someone. We’ve been talking to each other for a little over a month and been on a few dates. We just spent all of Saturday with one another watching movies. I think I am really falling for them, and I am starting to feel a little vulnerable later because it’s been a while for me that I’ve let someone this close. Especially since I am finally getting to a good place with my anxiety. But lately, it’s felt like it’s been kicking in, especially due to me talking to this person and developing serious feelings for them. I’m starting to panic if I don’t get a text response from them right away. And we were supposed to see one another today but I found out yesterday that they accidentally made plans and had to cancel. Like I honestly feel like my anxiety is just amplifying my worry and panic, and this happens every time I get close to someone ever since 2015 where i went through a messy and rough end of a relationship and my anxiety was literally at it’s worse ever.

I’ve honestly gotten to the point where I am not sure what to do any more because it feels like that because of my anxiety, maybe I can’t be in a relationship with anyone. Part of me wants to tell them how I am feeling because one of the first things I told them was my issues with my condition, but I feel telling them how I’ve been feeling will only scare them.

Please help...

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I think u need to be honest with that person but u also need to let ur past go. I was with someone for 8 years and when we split, my anxiety got so bad. I am still dealing with it. I have an amazing boyfriend now and he knows everything about my anxiety. He is there for me when I get those panic attacks. Don’t let anxiety take control of your life. Be honest with this person and if he is still there then that will show u that he truly cares. Try to take ur mind of the anxiety when u feel it coming. I have puzzles on my phone and adult coloring books and cook. I hope it gets better. You are worth being loved


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