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Panic Attack

I just had a panic attack today. Tingling in the hands and feet and the back of my head. It was hard to breathe. I am in a very difficult program at a college in Georgia, US and it is more than a little overwhelming. It lasted all day. And now I am exhausted. I am happy to have found an online group that allows me to speak out about this. Thank you all for providing this service for everyone.

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Wouldn’t happen to be GA Tech would it?


It is a good support group. It makes you feel less different. We are here and we are working towards healing. You know you are not alone. Do not get overly concerned about the panic attacks it will only make them worse. There is probably a counselor in your student health department you can speak to about what is bothering you, that you can add to belonging to the support group. It is good to have a listening ear, it helps you to think more clearly about the course you should take for your healing.

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Give yourself some time to find a way to relax, regroup and find what helps you.

I know many people who attended hardcore schools. Some loved it, some did not. In the end, you have to do what works for you.


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