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Can't stop worrying I'll get fired from my job

So I lightly pulled my back muscle yesterday and I couldn't go to work today. It was very painful and I couldn't move too much. It was from all the shoveling and lifting I did at my job last week during the snowstorm and when I lifted something up heavy at home yesterday my back completely pulled. Today it is much better and I barely feel any pain now so I can go back to work tomorrow. I went to my fiances acupuncture office and received treatment today which also helped. I'm surprised though, how fast my back healed.. but then again I am only 23 so maybe I recover faster than older people.

Anyways, I'm worried that my boss thinks that getting injured as a result of strenuous work from my job means that I am not able to perform my required job duties and therefore I am not fit for this job. This is where I worry he will fire me because I'm useless. Not to mention my age too, he probably would understand if its someone older who got back injury but a guy in their early 20s getting back pain isn't something you hear so often.... I guess I am weak... sigh I just got engaged we are starting to plan on our wedding and apartment rents but if I get fired everything will be over and without money it can even lead to the demise of our relationship... Fml

Please tell me, am I overthinking or is this something I really should be worrying about?

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Shoveling snow, especially wet snow, is very strenuous work. Anyone, no matter their age, can pull a back muscle, or any other muscle. You are young, but you are not immune to injury.

I would say that unless your boss is unhappy with you for other reasons, this isn't something to be concerned about. I understand your anxiety, with all your big plans in the near future, but your boss needs more than this to fire you (in my opinion).

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Nope I don't think he is unhappy with my performances as of now. He even wished me good luck and then congratulated me on my recent engagement.

It is indeed very strenuous work.. we had to deal with 3 noreasters in a span of 2 weeks with a potential for another one next week. I shoveled many times, lifted up the snowblower on my vehicle, and lifted 50lb salt bags many many times. The thing is though, there were other workers out there too but no one hurt their back.. and they are all older than me in their 40s and 50s.


Maybe you were working harder than they were in the first place! That's why you got hurt!

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