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1 step forward 3 steps back

Last week have been horrible, i went back to cutting even after making so much progress, i was in a relationship with twin brothers which i decided to end so i can focus on school and getting better, on Thursday night i saw them at a party i decided to leave cause i didn't feel safe since they refuse to leave me alone i called my brothers to tell them to come get me,before i could tell them the adress one of the twins broke my phone and punch me. I don't even want to go to therapy anymore i feel like things will never get better and i keep going back to cutting each time

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wow...that's some pretty powerful stuff for someone to grab your phone and punch you. That's assault, and exactly the reason you want to continue therapy. To help you through the reasons you are going back to cutting, to cope with the assault on you, the break up of your relationship. All of which just one of those issues would be hard to cope with , but you have a full plate of things that you should probably get some help sorting out. I'm sorry your going through so much all at once. Instead though of going backwards...take one thing at a time and baby steps forward. No one should endure physical violence under any circumstances, it's not acceptable, I hope your okay physically.


It's sounds like you have every right to end a relationship if you choose and his reaction is unacceptable no matter what. Perhaps you feel like you want to escape from the world but maybe talking it through with your therapist will take some of the pain out of it for you rather than trying to hold it all to yourself. Hold onto the belief that not every day will be this painful X


SweetSymphony: I know it feels hopeless, and that it will never get better, but believe me, it's not that way. The traumatized brain is a liar. Your brain and overactive nervous system will tell you all sorts of things. Please keep going to therapy. It's probably the best thing for you.


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