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Sick and need to get better

I’ve had a cold for 3 days now with fever coughing runny stuffy nose and headache and earache, I really need to feel better because I have something important tomorrow. I’ve taken DayQuil tablets and they helped but people are telling me that the DayQuil and nightquil liquid stuff is better, does anyone know if that will help I just get anxious taking meds bc I’m scared of side affects, responses will be greatly appreciated thank you

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Hi! My kids both just had a similar cold. I actually thought it was the flu at first bc my oldest was really not feeling well. Colds and coughs take awhile to get over. I’m not a dr or anything but if it were me I would try taking some extra vitamin c tablets and drinking lots of water to help flush out the yuck. I don’t really like taking medicine either but if you need to then you need to. At least maybe some aleve for the headache. I hope you feel better soon, i will say a prayer for you!


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