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Hi! I’m new to this group.

I’ve lived with anxiety for about 8 years. I was diagnosed with GAD but lately it seems to have morphed to Health Anxiety. I recently started blood pressure meds for high blood pressure and a high heart rate. While it is good to be treating these things, it sent my anxiety into a tail spin. I’m back on medication and back in therapy.

I’m just looking to connect with others and remind myself that I have managed my anxiety well in the past and will do it again. I’m hopeful that reading your posts will help me get back to a manageable level of anxiety.

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Good job reminding yourself, "Been there, done that, I knkw I will get through this." I'm glad you found us! :)


Welcome! We all have our issues on here. You will find a lot of support & love! Yes you will beat this, keep that positive attitude up! I wish you peace & joy! I'm here for you! XXX

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