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First Panic in a month

I had my photo take by a photographer and the lighting chosen created mood to show emotion but also magnified my imperfections:

(Acne, acne scaring and rough skin from where facial hair was removed). I felt ugly when I saw the photo. When I went to work later that day I kept looking in the mirror. I know in the lighting at work I looked fine. I hate being so insecure about my looks.

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I can relate 100%. I know how horrible and crappy that feeling is. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. If I'm at home, i just try to distract myself from those thoughts. I listen to music. That's my only escape at the moment. And dissociation but that ain't healthy so don't do it!

Please talk to me about this anytime you feel this way!!!!!!!😟💜 i can't explain how much i know exactly. how. you. feel.

Really. I think i told you before i have PCOS and the first thing i will get with my paycheck from my new job is wax strips! Lol for my face. I hate PCOS.


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