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My whole life is crashing down

My boyfriend of two years just broke up with me because he was tired of trying to be the man he said I deserved. We lived together and it feels like part of my soul has been ripped away. He was the first man I ever saw a future with so vividly, he even got me a ring. The second he kicked me out he blocked me from everything, it’s like he never existed and now I’m just left with this horrible emptiness. We were literally the same person I just feel so detached from everything I can even believe it.

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I can't imagine anything more painful than having a love relationship come to an end. It truly is like having your insides ripped out. I, of course, have no idea why he broke it off with you but I have to tell you that my BS indicator light went off big time when I read the reason he gave you for breaking up, particularly knowing that he has blocked you from all social media. Could he be trying to hide to hide something? Regardless, you have suffered a big loss. I hope it will get better over time. In the meanwhile, I wish you peace and comfort.


I’m so very sorry. Please realize you did nothing wrong. You’re such a sweet and beautiful soul. I’m praying for you because as the other poster said, this is the worst pain ever. Try to stay busy and spend time with someone you love if you can!!!


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