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Feeling uneasy

So i woke up this morning feeling uneasy. I wasnt overwhelmed or anxious but i knew that if I followed my negative thoughts i would have def been anxious!!! I nearly had a panic attack on Saturday bc i was allowing my thoughts to get the best of me! Sometimes it can be really difficult to not let your thoughts take over!!! I even tried writing in my journal when i was in that anxious moment and it made it worse!! I felt as if it was bringing all those thoughts and feelings to the surface and i they were all screaming at me!!! I was overwhelmed and stressed, it felt like i had electricity running thru my veins!!! Such a terrible feeling!!!! I felt i had no control...so i went for a jog aroud my block and it helped to release some of that pent up energy. Then i called a friend and had him talk to me about any that would get my mind off of myself and that moment. It helped and the feeling passed. The next day I was fine but i knew if I didnt stay busy and keep my mind occupied it would just spell trouble for me. So i made sure to keep busy all day. This morn I woke up battling some of those leftover feelings and emotions and I felt it as soon as I woke up. The 1st thing that came to mind were negative thoughts. I automatically feel stressed and empty inside. I feel tense and worthless, not the way I want to start off my day. I have good and bad daya but i juat want tk get rid of these negative feelings and thoughts that dont serve me in anyway. I dont know why i turture myself but I dont know how to turn it off..?!?! I have been trying to meditate but sometimes find it difficult to stay still bc I just wanna run around or move. I have been looking for a 2nd job to keep myself and my mind busy as well as hope ti make some friends. I dont have much social interactio at my current job and outside of work. So i spend a majority of my time alone. It leaves me tons of time to focus on problems that dont exist or should i say create problems that dont exist!! Can anyone offer suggestions or advice on how I can stop driving myself crazy?!?!

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Hi there! I have struggled with the same feelings often. Some of the tools that I have used in my life include;

1. Counseling/therapy

2. Antidepressants / medication for anxiety

3. Exercise

4. Creating and building friendships so that I have a social life and don't get stuck in my own mind in the negative cycles. I know this is hard, depression often makes us want to isolate so I struggle with this.

5. Check out the podcast "the hilarious world of depression. "I have been enjoying that lately.

6. When you're stuck in a negative thought/feeling cycle, get out and do something exactly like you did. Run, exercise, call a friend.

There are days when I find it hard to get out of bed, and if my kids are at school, husband is taking care of them, or I have the luxury I do stay in bed and I watch a TV show or movie to get my mind off of the terrible feelings. Or listen to an audiobook. It's frustrating because I know that "feelings "are more about chemical in balance and brain issues but it still feels very real.


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