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panic is super high

I've been panicking pretty bad since last night... I can't calm down. I swallowed a small chicken bone a week ago & I'm convinced it's stuck in my throat. It feels like something is in there.... I can breathe fine, eat & swallow just fine. I'm so scared.... I don't see anything.... I have GERD, so my husband thinks it's that or scratched my throat & it's healing. My head hurts so bad too. Now my chest is hurting this morning 😢

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Oh I'm so sad for you, I have faith that everything is going to be okay! Breathe slowly in through your nose out through your mouth! XXX

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Go to the emergency room. If it was a small bone it is possible that it is stuck. There is probably nothing wrong, but best to check. That will relieve your anxiety.


Mel maybe you should go to the hospital and get it checked out, hopeyou're feeling better today 🌻🌻


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