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Living in the solution

Living in the solution

Europeans came to North America in 1492. Mostly Spaniards, French and English people. The nations that existed before they came have mostly ceased to exist. There had been OVER 500 independant nations here. Most were exterminated.

A very few (less than 1%) of those considered by the Spanish and Anglo-Saxen Europeans to be savages (the people naitive to North America, or, "Indians") survived the holocaust, and this writing is one example of the "savagery" that was said to be dangerous hypnotic influence that threatened to destroy the minds of "once civalized and good people."

Looking around at the ENTIRE world populous, it honestly looks to me like the mind-set that could resolve much of the conflict that exists between people of EVERY nation was almost snuffed out completely by some of the biggest players in the fight for global unification by way of global dominance in today's world.

I have plenty of other "Naitive American Indian" teachings/philosophies/"writings about the common laws of the land prior to 1492," to substantiate the plausibility of this solution too, such as:

"Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents, it is loaned to you by your children. We do not inherrit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our children." -Crazy Horse

I believe in these philosophies with my whole heart, and would love to invite all of us to explore ways this type of thinking could in fact resolve problems that have yet to find solutions in our modern world. I believe it is strong medicine against much of the anxiety and depression we came here searching for solution to.

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Thanks Faux. I hope so too. I won't ask about your thread that got deleted because opening that discussion may not go so well. ;)

I think we "modern people" (which includes all people who have access to things like electricity, telephones, television and so forth, these all being very recent resources) are also, on the whole, sort of addicted to convinence and material things.

Not very many people would even know how to provide shelter and clothing for their families for any length of time, though we all would like to think we would do okay, MESS OF INCLUDED.

We feel like we are better off, it are we? I can't tell you the number of times I thought being able to buy some new gadget or toy would make me feel REALLY happy, only to achieve that goal and within a few short hours, find it did not make me as super happy as I hoped it would, unless I also had thus or that accessory to go along with it, then it would be AWESOME!

I have to be honest, I fall for that trap of always wanting more more more just like I really see the majority of those I know falling into too. Some may call it ambition. I think I see it for what it really is, that being, "Never being entirely happy with what I have," and therefore being always in a state of, "I will finally be truely happy when . . ."

I think the idea of being more concerned with what I leave for generations to come after my life has finished is a much more rewarding existence.

There was a thread recently started that I could *really* relate to, and that was about feeling like I am just passing time until I eventually die. Yup, that person is speaking to a feeling that has and does trouble my heart too, and again, this idea of making what I leave for ALL of the world's generations to come *absolutely does* help me to feel a sense of purpose that actually means something to me. A truely worthwhile endevor.

There is another truth that comes from this ancient and nearly unknown people. This quote is by another Chief named Little Crow, and he too was a Chief because he spoke of thing that ALL of the people ok If his tribe heals dear. He explained it this way. He said:

"We can want peace, but unless we are spiritually at peace ourselves, we do not mean it. It is our thoughts which keep that part of the universe where each of us stand out of or in balance." -Little Crow, Mdewakanton Dakota

These lessons, for me, are part of my medicine that help me to combat my depression and my anxiety. In changing parts of my thinking, and turning my thoughts to good things, and by opening my heart to solutions that have not been tried (by me) already, there is hope, and hope is the antidote for depression and anxiety, isn't it?


deleted my comment...

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I very much appriciate the fact that we can do that here. You are always welcomed to pm me too faux, particularly if you'd like to say something that might upset someone if said publicly.

I like your nic btw. Where artistic ability is concerned, I am more well suited to the role of admirer rather that as a practitioner of art. I used to be very envious of people with artistic skills, but later learned to just be grateful for those that are able to make amazing art for me to enjoy.

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thanks old does mean a lot to me for you to say that, I was upset very much that with no explanation my post was deleted because of another members comment with took out of context what I was originally saying. I simply said that it breaks my heart that kids on this site are saying how they have no mental health care or anyone to talk to, the exact same things these kids who become violent have said.


After the Colimbjne tragedy Phil Donnahue, (who, just to be clear, I really liked and enjoyed his show) had Marilyn Manson (sp?) as one of the guests when they were discussing how we might be able to prevent further tragedies.

Naturally at some point toward the end of the program, there was a strong push to blame musical artists like Manson for the actions of the youth. Manson said he did not see that as the case. Phil quickly sorta snapped and said, "Well, if you'd had the chance to talk to those two young men, what would you have said to prevent them from doing what they did?"

Manson replied very calmly to the effect, "Well, your question illustrates the trouble exactly. Everyone thinks something they could haven't should have SAID may have prevented that tragedy. If I had had the chance to talk to those kids I would have said, 'So what's going on?' Then I would have LISTENED to them. You see, that's the one thing no-one did, was listened."

I think that's the point. Listen to your children, and don't be so fast to tell them they are wrong, or that their FEELINGS are inappropriate. When something happens, doesn't happen, whatever, the feelings we feel just ARE. FEELINGS aren't right of wring, good or bad. They just are.

If I could co troll MY feelings, I would choose to feel happy at all times. It doesn't work that way though, does it?

Also, to be clear, I thought you had posted, decided, "Ah, nah, I don't want to say that," and then edited you post. Didn't know it was moderated.

Like your pal C I said, you can pm me. I have a pretty thick skin, just so long as It's not a personal attack or complete hatred for an entire group of people like, "all white people," or "all people that make up government," or the like, I'm cool with it.


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