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Existential thoughts why!!!!

I see my friends

My family

Their everyday thoughts are about their relationships, their careers, how they look etc.

Why do I have to suffer with those daily thoughts of:

Is life real?

What is god?

What was before god?

What is our purpose in life?

What is time?

And then those very isolating thoughts of

I am a conciousness that exists in my body only I am experience life through this conciousness, the people experience through theirs, and the both of them can never exist together, they are always separate, so in a way you are always and forever be truly alone

I am sick and tired of these thoughts

The antipsychotic was supposed to eliminate these thoughts

It did however, just remove the anxiety associated when I used to have these thoughts. Now instead of anxiety there is a feeling of helplessness and sadness and despair.

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Please somebody reply or offer insight


Hi you are not alone in wondering all this you know and it is very common. Very few people haven't pondered the meaning of life etc.

The difference seems to be is that you are focusing your anxiety on it and worrying too much about it. They are unanswerable questions so you just have to accept that along with the rest of us you will never know the answers. I don't think it really matters anyway as we are here regardless of how and why we are so we need to be living our lives instead of wasting it by obsessing about things we can't understand.

The sad fact is the more you obsess the more you will obsess so what you have to do is distract yourself every time you have the unwelcome thoughts. Watch telly or read a book or come in here and talk to us. It's hard at first and exhausting but the more you do it the easier it will become. x


Thank you! You helped much more than my therapist who suggested -BS- yes I will work on trying to distract myself thank you so much for your reply

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Good. Keep trying distraction and like I said it does get easier in time. x


You know, the reality is Albert Einstein had many similar thoughts. He had a hard time holding a job. His family was sort of jacked up. The woman who he THOUGHT was his mother turned out to not actually be his biological mother. His relationship to women was less than ideal, and his father lived out his last days insisting that his son was a complete and utter failure . . . and the man later won the Nobel Peace Prize for his accomplishments.

So, to one degree or another, maybe we, the philosophers and the poets, (yes, Einstein was both of those too), may in reality have the interests of the generations to come ahead of our own, and in my approximation, that may not always be comfortable, but at least it is honorable.

I actually think people with these traits should stick together, and exchange REAL ideas about how to solve some of these issues, and maybe make a record of those ideas so there is something left for the (way overpopulated) generations to come besides re-runs of The Bachelor.

Where the God question is concerned, I don't have, "The one and only magic answer," but if there in fact be an intelligent creator, then I think that it, he, she, they, would care for us, have created all people regardless of race, religion, economic status, level of intelligence, gender or orientation (sexual or otherwise), so I try to do the same, because it seems a better solution that, "kill 'em all, except me and a few people who think exactly as I do, and kill them too if they start to disagree with me."

I am also convinced, where the God question is concerned that I am NOT HIM! (Nor are you, or any other human.) In any case, I do believe very strongly that in the end, having enough love for one another to put the needs, REAL needs of others ahead of completely, 100% selfish endevors is a good thing. Withoit that, we are little more than barbarians. And yes, I do seem to see barbaric behavior on the rise. It may be all wrapped up in pomp and circumstance to make it (supposedly) LOOK dignified and cultured, but I am not so impressed by all of that.

What I am saying is that, maybe what troubles you is that you do in fact have a good soul, and loving heart, and strong moral fiber, as I honestly believe I have, and sometimes feel isolated, hopeless and alone because you too live in a world where we're dissuaded by the media circus and mob rules from looking at the fact that, we humans are overpopulating this planet to the point of potential extinction, and the masses would just as soon ignore the fact in favor of the idea that they NEED 17 cars, several corporate jet airplanes, a helicopter, speed boats, high definition television and "Champaign Wishes and Cavier Dreams," or they got sold short in life.

Being a really good person . . . a good old soul, as some folks say, is not about always taking the easy path with no feeling of responsibility as to who gets hurt by always blaming the victim, or better still, getting the victims to blame one another . . . and I believe your willingness to look for real answers to problems most others are afraid to face qualifies you as a really wonderful person.

A Russian poet once remarked, "Hope Dies Last." I am pretty certain no-one really knows who said it first, but it is a VERY common saying in their culture. It really as true you know. Don't loose sight if hope, and dream big! The only dreams worth having are the dreams of things people regard as impossible. My dream? Real, honest to goodness world peace.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to be my friend. I believe THAT'S where it all begins.

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I love that you emphasized on not loosing hope; I will work more on focusing on positivity and hope. I think faith and hope is what had helped me get through so far, well along side medication, so am gonna stick to them even as this damn illness tries to rip it away from me.


For me, there is a great chasm between belief and faith. Believing is the part that involves my mind. Having faith involved mg heart. The belief is completely academic if I don't have enough faith to just let go.

By letting go I mean, not taking total responsibility for solving all of the world's troubles, or indeed, all of my own. For example:

I've had to place several of my family member's well being in God's hands, including the little girl I raised as my own for the first 9 years of her life. Her biological father suicided on my ex's bed on Thanksgiving day where my ex would find him dead later that evening. His/our daughter would be born 7 months later.

After 9 years together, my now ex had a bit of a break with reality, (not the first) and abruptly moved out, leaving me holding the bag with all of the bills, manufacturing a bunch of drama to justify another round of promiscuity. That was the end, even though I knew that, having no legal recourse, I may not be able to keep in contact with my daughter.

That was over 5 years ago now, and sure enough my ex has been moving back and forth across the country leaving a trail of financial wreckage behind her, all with my daughter in tow, and I can not lift a finger to stop it. I am inundated by collections people looking for her, and my concern for my daughter is very real.

Belief is not enough. Without some real faith, I'd be ruined. I grew up as an only child in a very abusive home, and I turned out to have a good heart. (Thank you mom! R.I.P.) I have also read lots of posts here, and heard and read from people that have experienced many of the same awful things I have been through, and know my daughter is going through, and they too are really wonderful people with very good hearts, so, there is every reason to believe my daughter has just as good a chance of being a really good person in spite of the difficulties I know she is faced with.

That is an example of how I substitute positive thinking for the 100% gloom and doom hopelessness that only serves to make me miserably in-effective on quite nearly every level if I allow it to persist.

I am really running behind because I took the time to write to you about all of this stuff, but I feel it is time well spent, because I am sharing something deeply spiritual about how I have been able to adopt a faith tbat actually allows me to keep moving forward in spite of SOME of the ways this world's overwhelming value for selfishness has been so destructive in my own family.

We do what is right not because it is easy, but BECAUSE we are good people. I suspect your heart is a good and soft heart too, so wherever possible, be grateful for that!


Oh, and rather than edit my previous post to add this, I chose to make a new port so maybe this thought stands out, because I think it's important. Maybe the key is not so much as making these thoughts go away, but rather to allow you to see oportunities for thise that see the world for what it really is to work toward really healthy and positive solutions that will in fact be good enough to litterally change the lived of BILLIONS of people for the better.

Real, workable, honest global HELP. That would be a really GOOD thing, and I know if I could be even a small part of what made such a change possible, it woild make every bit of pain I have ever suffered in life so worth it.

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Hi, I basically have the same thoughts as you. It drives me insane because I am religious and I keep telling myself to stop over thinking what the purpose of life is. There are answers that I know based on religion but once I tell myself the answer I over think it and I think of more specific questions that I don't have answers to. I have been told to just let the thoughts be without trying to interact with them. That has helped and I don't get the existential thoughts as often as I did.

Another thing I want to add is that along with these existential thoughts I get these suicidal thoughts (anxiety based) like everyone should just die and there is no point in living if there is no purpose to life. I know this is not true and that we don't have all the answers. These are just intrusive thoughts that come along with the existential thoughts and they are scary.

Hope you found this helpful


Omg you totally described me in the last paragraph, i too come from a very religious background so it troubles me a lot. Did the thoughts stop coming at a certain point after ignoring them for a while?

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I still get the thoughts, they just don't come as often and they are not as troubling. I'm still working through it. Some days I can be pretty much fine and other days it really gets me.


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