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Anxiety adrenaline

So I've been getting constant adrenaline for over 2 weeks, dizzy spells and fear anyone know how to have an actual panic attack to get over this rush and get it done with I'm not afraid of the panic attack the adrenaline is driving me nuts I feel like I'm going crazy, also feel out of body, not interested in anything, thanks a mill any suggestions appreciated

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Hey , I’ve been experiencing the dizziness and general anxiaty for over a year now it’s pretty much taken over my life and I’m not on any meds , I’m still wishing and hoping the symptoms will go away , we can’t be dizzy for the rest of our lives !!!!!!!! We can’t be


I would be in a mental hospital if I had it for a year! My life is very busy as iv college and a 3 year old son to look after, I would rather have the panic attack and get it done with, going to go for a run tomorrow and exercise see if that helps, iv no emotion at all only panic and fear 😡 anyone I go to for help my doc and physc wont help me

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Ya I’m holding my composer as much as I can I also have a 5 years old son and it’s tough sometimes


Are u on any online support groups? Im in a great one on Facebook anxiety and depression Ireland have a look


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