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Anxiety then Animals

Anxiety then Animals

I have been sick with a pretty severe flu for over a week now. Although I was able to stay home, I will be going to back to work on Sunday. My first instinct is to freak out because I've depleted all of my sick time. Without knowing it, my husband was able to bring me back to earth through a simple gesture.

We were waiting for my prescription to be filled and panic started to set in. I just wanted to go home. He told me to "hold on" and drove me across the street to a little farm that houses two little burros. I was still anxious and began biting my nails. He told me to talk to the burros and, almost immediately, I began to calm down. Although I wasn't able to get too close to them, just being in the presence of such innocence brought me peace. I went home and ate a full meal (a first in the past few days) and am feeling much better.

Long story short, here is my tip. Know yourself. Know what heals you. For me, it's just seeing a cute animal and being in the fresh air.

I've included an image of a little burro (donkey) for those of you who may not have them where you live. It's not the one I saw but they are just the cutest.

Wishing you all well and I hope no one else has the flu!

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Oh thank you for including the picture Sarah. The first thing I said was "Ahhh" and it made me smile. Your husband was right on in giving you that little lift in spirit that you needed.

Wishing you well. :) xx

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