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Just enjoying the moment because it don’t last

Hi friends I just thought i’d post something positive since I never did. Just enjoying the moment. It’s raining and cold and I’m in my bed about to take a nap. This moment is great. I usually get only a few days per month where I’m hormone free. The depression and anxiety is still present but it’s manageable. But when the pmdd hormones hit, it’s the worst. Any other women on here suffer with severe pmdd tell me about how you handle it. 😍😍

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Thank you for the positive post and I hope you had a great nap today! Eliminating dairy helps me with symptoms of anxiety, irritability and feeling overwhelmed. It helps within about 24 hours, but is even more noticeable the day after that. Starting out with eliminating dairy products (milk, cream, yogurt, cheese, butter) is enough of a change to see results, then if it works for you, you can become more strict or less strict with it. I felt so much better I didn't mind the sacrifice, and I love cream in my coffee and butter on bread, etc! Since pmdd is cyclical, maybe you'd only have to eliminate dairy during the pmdd part of your cycle. How many days do you experience pmdd before your cycle?


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