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Hello Everyone

Hi Everyone,

On Tuesday evening I was released from EPS (Emergency Psychiatict Services) after being involuntary held for no more than 12 hours. It was my first time there and the experience was horrible. The only good thing I got out of it was that my parents were told what was going on with me mentally. They had no idea I have several anxiety/panic attacks per day, mood swings, depression and ADD to name a few.

I procrastinate on EVERYTHING and never finish what I start. Is there anything you guys do or have tried that can help feel better.

I try writing in journals but I will only do it for 3 days or so and then stop.

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Hi I totally understand u. Your story is so relateable with me. I am stuck and depressed about life in general. What I can suggest you is you can start doing a timeline or a schedule when to finish a task so that you can meet the deadline and not procrastinate. I hope it help:)


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