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Hi everyone! I am curious if many others have this combination of problems. I have had ADD for as long as I can remember and major depression disorder that comes in waves. I've been on Adderall for a couple of years with no anti-depressants. I recently had a my depression come back (which also comes with anxiety for me), and so my doctor prescribed me Effexor XR and when I felt like that wasnt working she added Wellbutrin 150 mg. But I am not feeling any relief and although I'm fairly confident this wave will end soon, I still would like to know what to do next time. I feel very anxious all the time which adds to my feelings of depression. If anyone can relate or has thoughts on my situation I would love to hear them!

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Hi emhall22,

I DO!!!!! I have ADD, Major Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety and Mood Swings.

I am not sure of all medicines, but I was taking Adderall and my Psychiatrist had me stop. He didnt want me to use it long term. I know it helped me get through my Bachelors and it kept me focused!

I then took Lamictal which WORKED GREAT for mood swings, but I got an allergy reaction on my second month.

I moved on to Wellbutrin, but stopped on Tuesday. Apparently Wellbutrin and Clonazepam have an interference.

Ask your doctor about Clonazepam. I take it when I get an Anxiety Attack and it relieves the symptoms.


I don't have add but I do have OCD along with depression and anxiety. Meds help the anxiety and depression for the most part but nothing helps OCD. I like your profile pic where is that?


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