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College, Anxiety, & Stress Eating

College is hard, but being a student-athlete is even harder. I have to perform at 110% in the classroom, on the court, in the weight-room, in on-campus organizations, complete volunteer work, etc. every single day. I always loved the sport of volleyball; it has always been my get away from reality and my main stress reliever. However, playing at the D1 level in college almost makes me hate the sport. At this level, it is literally your job because most are being paid to perform to your best abilities every single day while also having to make sure your teammates are performing and being pushed to their best abilities. It is physically and mentally exhausting, and I get so worked up even when I am ahead with my work in other areas. When I get super stressed out I just start to eat and don't stop eating until I feel like I am going to throw up. It makes me feel horrible and I've tried to fix it but can't find a good solution. Can anyone relate to any of this?

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I personally haven't experienced a situation similar to yours, but I assure you that there are those here who have -- you've come to a good place. ^^ Until someone who can better empathize arrives, I just wanted to encourage you to stay strong! If you've put up with intense pressure this long, you can make it through!

This might not be an option for you and that's perfectly okay, but have you considered a counsellor or therapist? Someone trained can serve as a shoulder to lean on and might be able to recommend coping mechanisms. In the meantime, it might be good to force time into your schedule (easier said than done) for something you know would be a stress reliever -- maybe writing, or painting, or even meditation.

Keep fighting, friend!


Not in college as I went from breaking records in sports to a wheelchair in high school but I do understand the pressure although milder. I played basketball and softball all my life and through school until my accident leaving basketball practice. So I literally played until my wreck. Many college kids have pressure. Have you tried talking to your teammates about how they are coping? I guarantee you they are also struggling ieven if it’s at different extents. You are making yourself sick and developing an eating disorder which is dangerous. Of course we are here to talk but I think you need more specialized help. Have you tried a psychiatrist or counselor. I suggest a therapist. Many college students struggle. So many reasons. I know! Perhaps you could talk to the school guidance counselor. It is private so as long as you are not hurting anyone they can’t reveal anything. I’d hate for you to lose something that used to make you so happy. I miss playing sports so much. School counselors are trained to help college students with the pressures that go along with it. Also it’s important to have a support system and I think it’s important to talk to your parents or another trusted person in your life. Try not to make permanent decisions on temporary emotions. Also maybe you could try eating healthy snacks or chewing gum and going for a walk or run. It could be that you just need organizational help or scheduling help. Minor things can have a big impact. Until then we’re here.

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