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Extreme OCD

Hi all. I’m new here and giving this a try. It’s nice to know that other people have the same issues.

I have had extreme anxiety and OCD my whole life. I’m so tired mentally. The anxiety/constant unwanted thoughts is one thing but in recent years the OCD has really taken a bad turn. I find myself overly checking and double checking things such as if I locked my door, if I turned off the stove and even make rounds to make sure there isn’t a fire. Any one else have this issue? What can I do? Are there over the counter supplements I can try?

Thank you!

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Hello, you are not alone with your suffering. I haven’t had anxiety my whole life, just the last 5 years or so.

As for the OCD your post made me think about the things I do. I am constantly checking things also. I hadn’t really linked it to anything until now.

I am currently taking magnesium. I’ve tried so many different things which hasn’t helped any. I’ve been taking the magnesium for about 6 days so far. I’d like to say it’s helping a lot, but yesterday I had a bad day, so it may not be.

Wishing you the best.


Magnesium helps me relax and sleep at night, so you could take it before bed. EMDR really helped me with unwanted thoughts r/t OCD, it also got me to relax and see what it feels like to be neurologically relaxed. If interested check the EMDR institute for well trained providers.


I felt like I wrote your post. My boyfriend installed cameras in my home and garage to help me monitor everything. When I get in bed instead of going back downstairs to check everything several times I look at the cameras and go to sleep. I also use my cell phone to take a photo of the actual lock being locked on my door. I know trust me I know but it helps me.

As far as the stove that one I still check even if I haven't used the stove all day. I also use the camera in my garage to look so I don't get to the store and feel I need to go home because I don't know if the door is closed even though I stared at it for 5 mins before leaving. I believe the technology has helped but not eliminated the problem. I feel the older I get the worse my OCD has become and I also feel when my anxiety is acting up my OCD gets worse. I also check to make sure windows are locked and not open, I check to make sure my pets are in the house before leaving even though the cat never goes outside, I have a lot of others too.

It's exhausting. I have tried meds didn't make me feel right. I do take vitamins and I use essential oils to try to remain calm like lavender and often burn sage. I don't think there are any over the counter meds or supplements to help with OCD if so please someone share.

I hope some of this helped if not sorry


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