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Nowhere but up

Just checking in, I've been doing really well with redirecting my negative thoughts/opinions. I'm not dwelling on anything negative as well. I've set some obtainable goals for myself and am actually excited about reaching them. Meditation and exercise have truly been helpful. So I hope that you all can see past the fog, even if it's fuzzy and pull through for yourselves. I know it's easier said than done, but part of it is realizing your self worth. Your worth it enough to try!!

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setting a goal also helps me tremendously. i try to focus all my energy into it and it helps me forget about my other worries.

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Yes yes and yes!! That's the attitude we have to have to beat this thing called anxiety and or depression. I am grateful for life now since I came out of major depression and a breakdown! It can be done you just have to be willing to get better and like you said realize you are worth it!! Which we all are! Blessings

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