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My anxiety left for a week

But it’s back in full force as of last night. The hectic schedule of taking girls to school and going to work starts tomorrow. I tried to sleep last night and kept waking up worrying about work with my heart beating fast. It all stresses me out but work is the worst and of course my husband goes offshore this week for 3-4 weeks. He doesn’t know how hard it is to do everything especially when the girls are sad bc they miss daddy and don’t want to get ready and then the homework and household chores, the dogs, managing the bills....I just want to quit but since his work is never guaranteed he says to wait before I quit. People work and take care of kids all the time without spouses. Why can’t I? It’s more the job but it gives me a little flexibility that I need. Why doesn’t the medicine help? I try praying or thinking positive but my mind and body betray when I’m off guard trying to sleep or relax.

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Your juggling alot and doing the best you can give yourself some credit


If the medication is new, it may take some time to work. If it's not new, you might want to check in with your doctor about how you're feeling. Either way, Simonn is right - you are a hero for doing all the things you are. You're making a huge difference for your family. Hang in there and I hope things are better for you very soon.

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