Hello I'm Jerome I'm married with three children and I'm currently the suffering from anxiety depression and now I'm having bad stomach problems and dizziness and it's hard to provide for my family with this condition. I don't have any health insurance and I've been denied because I make to much money, if I do make a lot of money I don't see it in my hand. I'm the only bread winner and I'm looking for another job just to get some health insurance. I believe I am stressing because I feel the weight of the world is on my Shoulders. I believe in Christ Jesus but I don't call on Him in the midst of my stressing moments. My mind is always on taking care of my family or taking care of business period. I rarely think about me if I do some unexpected situation approaches now I'm back on taking care of business with not enough money. Car and life insurance phone bills internet bill car maintenance pull ups gas and others needs every month. I have no time or money for me. I'm just tired but I have to keep pushing for my family. There's other problems also concerning my wife that I'm no willing to discuss. My mom and sperm donor is decease at the age of 19 same year 2006 my brothers and I don't talk, only time some speaks to me they want something. I'm only 30 years of age. I ate a lot of not so good foods and now I'm having stomach problems and dizziness issues. I really need some help.

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  • Hey, Jerome, I'm David. The account you have given sounds very familiar, because I am someone who struggles with similar issues. I am 28, I've been married for 5 years, and I have two kids, ages 4 and 2. The onset of my depression began shortly after the birth of my first child. I was still in college, taking classes full time and working part time, and trying to find the whole life balance thing that you never seem to be able to find once you have kids. As a result of running on fumes, depression entered into my life and has been with me for four years now. It's a daily struggle. What do you want to know?

  • I want to know how can I be a give my all of myself to my family, and some of myself to my job with killing myself in the process?

  • Well, it sounds like you need you to do some things for yourself!!! Maybe talking to someone will help you! Every month I set aside ONE thing to do for myself away from the house, away from the chaos! It has truly helped me so much in the fact that I absolutely do not feel guilty about going out anymore and leaving my son with his grandparents! Also I'm not sure where you're from but there should be some state assistance for families! I would keep looking into state assistance or finding another job with benefits! Keep your head up it'll be okay!

  • Thank you, I want to do things like get away but, we don't really trust people to watch our children and my parents are deceased and my mother in law is the only one we trust but she has leg problems, so we don't ask her to watch the kids. I do know we need a get away. My wife and I have been in this depressing city for 30 years.

  • Look at all your options! If the kids have aunts/uncles near by you can ask them! Or there are websites that include back ground checks on babysitters!!

  • If you have stomach problems, please get probiotics, I can recommend Florastor. It's expensive but helps

  • Thank you Vrt14

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