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Antidepressants initial impact


I am new here and trying to learn if anyone else could provide insight. My husband has a neurological condition but it has not been 100% diagnosed as of yet. I have heard everything from dysthymia to dementia. Every time the pdoc has increased his antidepressant I have seen an improvement after about 2 weeks then it levels off. The new thinking is he has “Abulia”. A new drug, Vraylar, was added. The effect was fantastic, almost his old self in 10 days. Then the improvement faded. Has anyone else seen this type of reaction? Vraylar is supposed to have a slow ramp up time but others have seen improvement after two weeks. Though I haven’t read that their’s faded. We need to wait another week and a half before seeing the pdoc. I thought I would ask for insight here.

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