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Last Day of 2017

For us this day can be a tough one. Its one filled with fear (as most days are). Its another holiday we need to get through, another party to fake smile and hide our pain, another day to scroll through social media and see others living life while some of us are stuck at home because of our mental pain, and another day for us to reflect on everything we thought we failed at or didn't try. Though it is often easier said than done, we should work to take our power back from our anxiety/ depression/ other struggles. Today is not a day to hate ourselves for what we didn't do this year, it is a day for us to plan for what we want to try tomorrow. It's just an end of another year and tomorrow is just another day. Even if we don't want to celebrate the new year, we can celebrate a chance for another day. We've made it this far. I can say this year has by far been my most difficult. One full of a lot of mental and physical pain. This year I added ocd to my list of mental health diagnoses. But my mental struggles do not define me. In ways they help me, though they can be hindering. Nonetheless, I made it through another year. I learned how to manage my pain and struggles in new ways. The main point is: WE DID IT. Through all the pain, we lived. We can continue to live and remember that we have overcame countless obstacles in the past and we can continue to come over more. I know how it feels to want to give up because the fear and the pain can be so much. Today is just another day and so is tomorrow, but we made it through another year and tomorrow we will see a new one. I am grateful that I found this community and I am hopeful that we will all continue to stay strong. "You can make it to the sunrise." ("Sunrise" by Our Last Night has been my song of the year).

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