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I feel like im stuck in slow motiom

First of all I have an amazing kind Beautiful 9 yr old boy who is my world But Im just not happy I feel like a wast of space wonder why Im here i know for him but i feel he deserves better Every since we lost his dad im hateful spiteful like my heart is so cold Holidays come and go and I feel no interest no care my sons bday is august his dads sept and he passed in oct all of 08 i know its been 9 yrs but i cant get over it never even really grieved yet just started counseling for that i feel like im ripping my son off a life that he better deserves : """ (

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Mommabear, thanks for sharing. I don't know you personally, but I know that your boy thinks the world of you, and you matter to him. Never forget that!

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Thank you so much for saying that 😊


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