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Majorly depressed and anxiety overwhelmingly

Never actually done anything like this before but I'm going to try this out... my entire life I've suffered major anxiety panic depression multiple types of mental disorders and now for last 5 yrs I've been suffering being agoraphobic... Never until I got with my husband I'd never had anyone sort of support with my mental health disorders and agoraphobia issues nor ever understood what was wrong with me either until recently past few yrs. I grew up with my mom always even when had Dr diagnosed me bi polar depression and anxiety disorder panic disorders she always would just make excuses for why i was the way i still am today at 30 yrs old..... I eventually started self medicating because I didn't get the help I needed yrs ago as in my childhood when at age 4 is when I started having panic attack so bad but just deal with everything myself and my husband helps me now too but right now we both are so depressed and been searching for help for both our substance abuse and mental health for months now with no luck because make little money no insurance and were to point that lost and careless whether or not living. We can't keep living this way and don't know what to do anymore at all..

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