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Seasonal Depression and PMDD getting worse!

As the title says I'm falling into a deeper black hole with my depression. Over the last 6 years things have got gradually worse and I feel like I don't know how to escape this time. I just want to be on my own till my head clears. I'm not on meds as the side effects sound potentially worse than the depression itself and I want to tackle this with lifestyle and dietary changes if possible. I do so much for everyone and lead a busy life - I feel burnt out, taken for granted and unloved / unlovable.

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I am sure you are very lovable, that is the illness talking. So you are not on med's, but I think it would be worth your while to go and talk to someone that can help you with the depression. Dr.Harold Bloomfield believes in Herbs as healers, perhaps you could get his books at the library. Or go on line and see what is available. I understand your fear of meds. there is a test you can take, I did it, genesense, swab inside ones mouth and send it to the lab. Mine came back with 2 meds that were suitable for me. My Dr. put me on one and I have had NO side effects, you could ask your Dr. about that. Do not know what else to suggest. So I will send You love and a Big Hug, let us know how you progress. Sprinkle 1 xxx


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