What Do I Do If I'm Suicidal?

I need some help. My parents aren't here for me. Big argument and i wish i never spoke because they look down at me.

My parents said hurtful things in the argument. Now at least i know they will NEVER UNDERSTAND ME OR CARE.

I am all alone. No friends. No one to turn to. I am suicidal.

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  • Hey you have friends in us ok. We are here to help support you. We are here for you. You are not alone. What kind of argument was it? Maybe we can look at different sides. But don't give up! I've been there and I've felt alone before. But it's get better. I know it sounds like a cliche but it does get better

  • I want to give up. I want to fall asleep and never wake up again. This is just a stupid website i have no friends in person. I have no one to turn too. My parents broke the last straw for me. There's no turning back. At least i know they don't care and understand.

  • Now my mom just nagged and nagged me to come out of the bathroom. I locked myself in just to be alone. All i was doing was crying and venting. My parents wanna cause a scene.

    My dad said he will call the cops if i don't get out the bathroom. Wtf? I'm not harming myself. I want to but I'm not at the moment. I'm sick of everything.

  • I don't know what your life is like. I can only tell you things based on my experiences. I'm here if you want to keep talking. Is there no one you trust that you can talk to?

  • Nope. Na da. No one.

  • I feel like that kind of shows that they care if they are trying to get you out of the bathroom.

  • Nah that's my mom nagging and stuff. I'm an adult and can't be alone in my bathroom?

  • Btw my dad called me a B when i was 12. And said when i was 18 or 19 (can't remember) that i make him want to kill himself to my mom. He told my mom that and yeah i cried myself to sleep. Well now i want to end it for many reasons. I could list a million. I'm filling with hate.....

  • Your dad said THAT? Well no wonder. I do not know the context of course- still for a parent to say that..... well wow. At any rate, you do have friends here. We might not be close by but we are here, and we also have issues so you are not alone. I read an article once by Martha Beck about the difference between reacting and responding called Down Girl. Again, these sound like THEIR issues, and they are flowing on to you. If it really gets unbearable, there are social services and crisis lines. This is NOT your fault. I will be here for a little while- eye issues, but I know you will get through this. We all need a little help. Also, holiday times can be stressful, so without money it gets even worse. We know that. Could it be that your parents have experienced this as well?

  • Thank you. Your always here for me on here❤

    Yes my dad said that.....😔 wish he never said those things and treated me so bad. No wonder they say i "act up" and is disrespectful, etc. But nah i just learned how to stand up for myself to my dad.

    I been through a lot. Yeah i can't imagine Christmas...

  • I am so angry! I hate the way my dad talked to me! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 no wonder we don't have a relationship.

  • I have severe depression and anxiety that my parents and older brothers don't give a blank about. I lost my so called best friend when she ran away from home to be with a 50yr old man, i lost my job because my health is so messed up but my parents still taking me for granted. I had a argument with them about my health and they turned it into money money money. Because i broken my back to give my checks to them and now i ain't working they wanna pressure me about money and talking bout they need help. Don't you see your daughter is dying inside, well i'm as close to it than before now. I am tired of not getting help!!!!!

    My dad said I'm confused and somethings not right. My mom said something's not right either. I swear to God they looked at me as if I'm not their daughter. Just using me for money instead of helping my health. My dad went as far as saying my health isn't has bad as his health. Like i don't give a damn what about my health? What if i don't wanna live? My parents turned a convo from me talking about my health and how i feel neglected to money and you need a job and you need to be on your own and it isn't easy out there. You either want me or you don't. I can't take it anymore i swear.

  • It is hard out in the real world but you can still make it. Is there any job you can work with your health condition? Maybe you'll just have to stay with them a little longer until you've saved up enough to get out?

  • I know they told me a million times it's hard out there. But seems like they barely told that to my older brothers. I don't know any jobs. I'm done with retail. Too much for my health. Any other tips? I applied to a movie theater but they never even respond. I'm watching my favorite nba team now so hopefully this will calm my ugly messed up mind.

  • By health do you mean mental health? A lot of jobs are going to be stressful that can trigger anxiety. Maybe you can talk to your doctor about getting on some anti anxiety medication? I'm on anti-anxiety and anti depressants and although it took some time I have noticed a big difference. Do you mind if I ask how old you are?

  • Yes mental health. I wish ppl would understand that depression especially severe depression affects us just as much physically as it does mentally and emotionally....I'm 19. I know i made several posts but if you look through it, its my whole life. Everything.

  • It's definitely hard for people to understand that depression can be as debilitating as a physical injury. I think it's good that you're on here. I think it's good that you are at least trying. I've been there, days where you just stare at the wall and ask yourself how it is that you're going to get out of bed. Those days or weeks are incredibly hard. I've been there and I'm still working on it. I'm on medication and it helps but that doesn't mean I'm always good. I still have my days but I find the good even in those days. You have to keep trying there will come a time where you can just get out of bed without having to put in a fighting effort

  • Yeah i understand. Sometimes i get strange bursts of energy. Then i go back into a depressive episode. I get crazy mood swings sometimes.

  • Remember most jobs are are somewhat stressful and that is why they are called work. However, I think that if you are doing something that you like at least a little that might help. I hope also that you continue to take care of your needs and your health. Are there bookstores in which you could apply? Also, maybe you could ask the college you went to .... sometimes they have jobs on campus and maybe you could talk to an advisor about returning to school as well. It' s all up to you.

  • Good idea. I can see if any bookstores are hiring. Thanks. I understand but i need assistance and some kind of gov. Protection when it comes to a job. You know, like don't people with mental illness have a thing were they are covered? On their jobs?

  • Again, the main thing is can you DO the job. You do not have to disclose what you have. Perhaps you can ask your doctor and therapist what they think Also, vocational rehab may also provide help- they may even have workshops.

  • Who knows maybe you can see about volunteering and easing to part time employment at least to see how it goes and develop more positive contacts?

  • I noticed that you barely have mentioned PCOS which is physical and focus on the mental and of course that is all connected. Please do not be so hard on yourself.

  • Oh yeah PCOS is an issue too. I know my hormones still aren't balanced. Last week i removed 2 or 3 long hairs on my chin! I was angry!😠 still feel them growing back when i rub my chin. Don't make me get started on my awkward upper lip hair that is getting darker and longer. I have no money for that facial hair remover people have recommended. Think its at cvs or walgreens. So if i do get a job interview, they might judge me on my PCOS. Welcome to my life😭

  • Your family sounds just like my family! It’s so freaking crazy how people don’t understand how serious mental illness really is. They ask us to get a job and work when clearly it is impossible in this state of mind. I am so very sorry that you have to take this abuse when you are already suffering so greatly inside. It’s so freaking sad that they are doing this to you. I am here for you if and when you want to talk. It sounds like we would get along great.

  • So glad you understand. I will message you for sure! It's so hard....😟

  • I will keep talking to you all night if you need it. What do you think is going to help you get out of this situation you are in

  • Thank you i appreciate this. I really need a psychiatrist but i guess i'll call my doc tomorrow to ask about it.

    Sadly a job/money. Then i can get on the meds i need and go to a counselor and psychiatrist.

  • Are you on your parents insurance - if you are ( and with the ADA you can be depending on your state) - that way you won't have to worry about insurance, and of course there are emergency rooms.

  • Yes i am. What in the world would happen if i told medical people i'm suicial? And saw dusturbing images. Don't know if they were related but would they force me to take special pills? Put "suicidal" on my record forever? Will they look at me differently? 😰

  • You are a free person- I certainly would hope that someone could not force you to take pills.

  • True! Whew! Thanks! 😌

  • Don’t ever kill your self it’s not worth it. Life is worth living and if you died you wouldn’t get to experience love, adventure, success and all the positive things. Oh and don’t tell your doctor that you would kill yourself because I’ve seen people get Baker acted from that. As long as you are not a harm to yourself and others you can say anything else to the doctors. I say this to keep you safe. You deserve the best health and a great full life.

  • Baked acted? Can you please explain? I never attempted or made a plan but y'all it's really hard if your stuck in a bad environment with people and stressors that don't care to give a......😤 but i see whatcha saying. My life is the definition of rock bottom but please explain what you said so i know.

  • Why don't you leave that up to the counselors before you figure you cannot get on meds due to money? Remember a nineteen year old is not expected to have a cushy job with great bennies.

  • I thought i was expected too😔 thanks.

  • You said you were on your parents' insurance , right? So that is a plus. I hope I got that right.

  • Hi vonnah please dont even consider suicide it solves nothing ! The arguement you had with you mum and dad do you think they said what said was just spiteful or said in the heat of the moment ! Do you not have anyone else you can call on friends or members of your extended family ! I believe the world would be a empty place without you as we would miss your chats and being able to help others as they have helped you so please take a long deep look at yourself and you may begin to understand that you have so much left to give ! Take care my friend david

  • Thank you. I think i have cooled down a lot. A few minutes ago both my parents apologized and said they love me. I got up and walked in my room because i still need to think....it's whatever. At least they went back into their room so i can watch basketball in peace and cool down....

  • Hi vonnah Im glad things have subsided ! As i said things we say things we dont mean in the heat of the moment im glad you and your mum and dad have talked to you i think they realise things went to far ! Im really glad your ok take care david x

  • Thank you. I appreciate your kindness. I do keep more stable. I will try to seek help tomorrow i guess.

  • Vonnah i believe your in the states am i right if so google suicide prevention you may find what your looking for

  • Perfect! I do need to know what to look for😌

  • I would miss your chats also and our talks about writing. Maybe you could write in your journal? BTW, I have not seen the movie , but there is one called Girl Interrupted about someone who spent time in a psych ward and it is based on a true story.

  • I'm glad to hear that you care. And i know you do because of how your always here for me. Your a true genuine person. I will look up that movie!💜

  • After reading all of it, it sounds like your parents did try to ake amends! That is HUGe! Wow!

    Forgiveness actuall frees US. As a parent, I sure hope you find the ability to forgive then......there is no “manual” for how to raise children. We pray, we CRY, we make mistakes....ine constant—we never stop loving our children!!!!!!!!

  • Yes😌 i understand. They apologized. But, it doesn't remove the misunderstandings. I love them but our relationships are very difficult and i obviously wish it was the exact opposite. I just want to be happy.

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