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Ears have been ringing for 2 weeks!! I'm going crazy is it the wellbutrin or my tmj (jaw dysfunction)

So 2 weeks ago my ears started hurting and i could hear ringing i thought it was the cold air or an ear infection. .i went to the Doctor ears were fine he said its excessive pressure on my jaw lately i have been grinding my teeth at night. Now im scared i have been reading about tinitus which is ear ringing it cam go away or not .... please anyone has dealt with this? I really feel like bashing my head in it won't stop ..i have to keep the tv on or something just to distract me.

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I have been struggling with ringing in the ear and electrical shock like feelings for many months. Went to the ENT and got the all clear no issues with the ears. No diagnosis of tinitus in my case.

I'm on Sertaline and since my dose continued to increase the electrical shock like feelings increased as well. It's hard to deal with this 24/7 and I'm sorry you are experiencing ringing in the ears. I'm heading back to the dr to try something different because it's just not working. To this point doctor says it's all in my head, not side effects of the medication but I don't think that any more.

I use a sound machine for bedtime and have either the TV or radio on to get me through the day.

Take care.


Hi Pocha45,

I have had this unpleasant experience.

Your drug can be the cause as it was in my cause and it is simply a case of working with your prescriber to find an alternative. I thought my doctor was overly cautious sending me to an Ear Nose Throat (ENT) specialist to rule out other cause - I was told about so many other things which freaked me out a bit.

The best article which described the situation is in the link I have listed here.


Beside the link, the information at The American Tinnitus Association (ATA) is very useful

The ATA classifies the connection between TMJ and tinnitus as a somatic condition caused by a physical dysfunction.

The ATA describes somatic or "of the body" types aren't related to hearing loss.

Dysfunction in the TMJ can affect the muscles, cartilage and ligaments surrounding the joint. The tinnitus results from the joint's close proximity to the ear, as well as the TMJ's muscles and nerves sharing some middle ear components. Often by treating the physical ailment, the tinnitus will subside. The ATA classifies this type of tinnitus represents a very small percentage of diagnosed cases so you are very special.

If your TMJ disorder is suspected as the cause of your tinnitus, a visit to a dentist is recommended for both TMJ and grinding of your teeth.

It is not usually the presence of the tinnitus that is an issue, but rather how an individual thinks and feels about it. When tinnitus becomes problematic, sufferers often associate it with feelings of fear and anxiety leading to stress and frustration and so the vicious cycle continue, one leading to the other.

Some hearing specialists can provide a structured rehabilitation program. Some tinnitus sufferers find the counselling provides enough relief that they don’t need a special device.

Other helpful tips:

1. Avoid silence.

Keeping your ears busy with background noise, such as the television or radio, can help your brain focus on those sounds instead of the ringing noise.

2. Keep calm and relaxed.

Tinnitus can be triggered by stress and tiredness, so learning relaxation techniques and practicing relaxing activities like a massage or yoga can offer relief.

3. Check your medications.

Some medications can cause or worsen tinnitus, so it’s essential to tell your family doctor if you’re experiencing symptoms. Take special care with medications for arthritis, anti-depressants, rheumatic diseases and some antibiotics.

4. Limit your caffeine.

Consuming caffeine can temporarily worsen tinnitus for some people.

I wish you well. There is light at the end of the tunnel :)


Another thing that makes it get worse is aspirin.


Ibuprofin ? , this is what the doctor prescribed


I still have the ringing sound in my ears but I hear it only after a panic attack. I also feared that it might be tinnitus, however when I do not feel anxious the sound simply disappears. I usually use it as a good indicator of my anxiety level. If I hear it, then I need to relax a bit.

My doctor explained that when the stress response is activated, our muscles tense up and our hearing sharpens. Also being tired or lacking sleep may cause the ringing.

Since our ears are quite sophisticated, putting tension on the muscles of the jaw or sinuses might cause a ringing in the ear. Put it like this, simply thinking about the ringing in your ears make you feel anxious -> muscle tension -> the noise gets louder. It's a vicious cycle.

As your doctor mentioned, it's nothing wrong with your ear, it's the fear that feeds it.

I wish you all the best and don't worry, brighter times are ahead. :)


Thank you im hoping things get better i can't deal with this constant ring even when I'm calm

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Oh yes, honey I have lived with tinnitus for many agonizing years , maybe 15-20 years. And “ringing” sounds like a nice noise, but mine is buzzing, roaring and drilling like sounds all mixed together and VERY loud. I don’t know how I get through it, but it’s difficult. Don’t waste money on so called cures, I haven’t found any help so far. I’m going to go see an audiologist, maybe that could help you too.

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Omg I would not be alive if this continued i really commend you luckily this just started so hopefully if I find the medical reason it will subside i saw an audiologist my ears are great my hearing is great.


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