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Just looking for some answers or opinions

Well first of all I'm having this sense of rush! And I'm trying to focus right now but I know I can't control everything but I feel very anxious about letting my boyfriend go anywhere without him telling me of course you need trust but I know when I get that anxious feeling I feel angry and makes me want to cry and get more angrier and causes me some torment because of how my last relationship was... going without communicating and doing other horrible things behind my back and my boyfriend all he went was to his aunts house and I'm over here having like some panic or anxiety attack about It but I feel really silly but I also feel like in my chest like metamorphic ally speaking my chest feels shaky like when people have to take insulin for but it's like unsure feeling of exposing something where you don't want someone to find something out type of feeling but I believe that all it is just fear... and I don't know how to best handle it I know my boyfriend is trust worthy but how come I feel like I know but I don't feel it like when he compliments me and says he appreciates me and that he loves me for the things I do for him and for being there cause he's going through a tuff time right now I seem to let him compliment me but I see to not want to take the compliments even when I know there good things to hear I just can't really identify my problem even when I speak it of it myself

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Breath Klarisa.

Lie down on your bed or the floor (somewhere quiet) and breath in and out very slowly.

Breath in for 4 counts, hold for 7, breath out for 8 counts.

It may be difficult at first.

Now just focus on your breath and let these racing thoughts and worries come and go like clouds passing in the sky.

Keep returning to focus on your breath when you get distracted and don't be critical of yourself at all when it happens.

Keep breathing until your mind clears.

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Thank you.... I really appreciate that ! Means a lot


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