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Can't get out of my down days 😌

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I seem to be having another down day. I'm in the Philly area and its in the 50s right now. I'm not a fan of the cold weather and can't get motivated to do anything today. I also still can't find a job. Have been out of work for over a month and its taking it's toll 😣

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Just hang in there im sure you are doing a great job dealing with your thoughts

I live in hillside,NJ

I heard the temperature will be a lot better tomorrow and I don’t think we’re to far away from each other right?

Are you on medicine?

Don’t worry to much on trying to get a job,it will come😊

Yes were pretty close. I just hate the cold days and they're not getting any better.hard getting motivated. Gained some weight on meds 15 plus lb. I'm 5 4 and about 132. I'm not heavy but i feel like 200 lb. Clothes are too tight. Am on new meds and new therapist and psych doc but it all takes time. I've joined the gym seen a dietitian know what to do but don't feel like I'm worth it

How long have you been like this?

When did everything started for you. I i have been like this since year 2000

My life sucked at the beginning i was so devastated because I didn’t know what was going on w/me

I used to ho to the emergency room every couple of weeks until they told me i was having panic attacks.

I would tell you what works for me.i listen to YouTube videos about panic attacks and anxiety and sometimes they tellyou how to deal with it

Or what to do when you start to feel sad or depressed.

Have you tried that?

I also take medicine for my problem.

Paxyl 40 mm that helps a lot.

But lately have not been feeling good at all, my wife and i got divorce sucks for me.

Im so sad, i feel guilty,i feel depressed again,my anxiety cameback and everything else.but is not the end of the world right?

It will get better, and thats what can say to you and every body else on this site.”IT WILL GET BETTER.😊

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iris_r in reply to Pacobusta1970

similar situation here....thanks for sharing a message of hope!

I empathize with you, do not give up on yourself, your situation is enough to make anyone unhappy. Do you have a Doctor? I would talk to the doctor as you may be depressed and in need of medication. Otherwise there should be some clinical service that will help you. Be good to yourself, do not put yourself down, find a support group if you can. I send you my best with Love & Peace. Sprinkle 1

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Jilld1314 in reply to Sprinkle1

Hi tx yes on meds and see doc. Currently out of work with too much time on my hands. Waiting for new meds new doc new therapist all to work. Had to leave last doc 2 mos ago bc he gave up on me was prescribing mood stabilizers when I've only ever had depression and anxiety and gained 15 to 20 lb so very down about that.

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gogogirl in reply to Jilld1314

I understand about the work thing , I am doing part time, and am an older person. Have you tried volunteering or something like that? I remember hearing from someone " Idleness is the devil's playground." It's not an expression I use- but it seems to be true. What is your field of work - you do not have to answer- that's just me. Being out of work is very hard work!

Hello, I've had down days for the last week, so your not alone. I can't get motivated to even look for a job. It feels hopeless for me.

Are you married, or how can you make it with no job? I am married, but my husband is self employed in a job that I believe is going to sink us. I wish I could get the courage up to apply. I used to work at a grocery store managing the cashiere's which I'm sure I could at least be a cashier again if I would be able to get rid of this depression and anxiety. It's been 18 years since I have done that.

What kind of work are you looking for?

Wishing you the best..

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Jilld1314 in reply to Lostjoy

Hi tx for the reply. Still at home with mom so not many bills. Looking ideally for something admin low stress pt but very hard to find. Totally not ready for ft.

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Beevee in reply to Lostjoy

Hi Lostjoy. If there was one thing I would say about recovering from anxiety and depression and that is not to wait until you are feeling better to find a job. That day will not come if you continue to fear how you feel. To recover, learn to move forward with your life and get out there, taking your anxiety and depression with you. Doing normal stuff will bring back feelings of normality. I could have left my job and my home, I could have lost everything but I persevered and carried on, no matter how I felt. It was tough, very tough but things slowly got better and all my symptoms faded away. I didn’t do anything special except allow all the thoughts and feelings to come and not do anything about them. If my anxiety tried to stop me doing stuff, I ignored it and did it anyway. Sure, it felt uncomfortable but I knew the thoughts and feelings were superficial and not the real me which was buried beneath the symptoms. Over time, it got easier to cope with the days and bit by bit, the symptoms disappeared.

Anxiety and depression simply love and thrive on avoidance techniques which is why you need to do the opposite and embrace the feelings and live a normal life. It is possible. I did it and so can you. How do I know this? I read a book by Dr Claire Weekes called Essential Help for your Nerves which explained why I was feeling the way I felt and why I had so many anxious thoughts. More importantly, her teachings showed me how to recover the right way. In a nutshell, you need to feel the fear and do it anyway. This approach retrains your brain which has got into bad habits brought about by months and years of suffering. It means your mind has something else to focus on instead of how you are feeling. Gradually, your focus will be on other things and the symptoms will melt away. People stay stuck because they fight the feelings when they should be doing the exact opposite and letting go, allowing all the symptoms to be there and doing absolutely nothing about them.

I loved your post, and could have benefitted from it decades ago! I imagine you have a nice support system. You're right- fighting the feelings can get someone stuck. Sometimes I wish I were on rewind in some ways but we only have one life.

Hi I'm going through the same thing I get really depressed in the winter but recently I've started taking vitamin D capsules and think they might be helping a bit so you could always try that ❤️

Hi there...I just posted about my down day today. Sorry for your tough times. I also live in a cold weather area and this winter has been the toughest! I mean..Spring is supposed to be near and it truly feels like January. I also need to find a job as I'm terribly underemployed with a PT job that pays more like a stipend than an income. I desperately want to/need to relocate for a job this summer. I need to restart my career. Also, the house owner is looking to sell so that's just an extra push. I am also worn down and out. It's a horrible feeling that everyday is a battle. Wishing you best in health and your job search!

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Lostjoy in reply to iris_r

Hi iris,

I just read your reply here. Are you in the US? I’m in the US on the west coast. Seems like there are lots of available jobs here in my area, but I’m still in a state of mind that is crippling me from getting out there and finding one. Just thinking about it terrifies me. I’m going to have to find some kind of support group to attend to help me get over my fear of being around people again.

I wish you the best with whatever path you decide to try.

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iris_r in reply to Lostjoy

I am in the US...and would love to relocate to the west coast. The expense of that kind of move is daunting. Even though some people move without a job, I’m scared of running out of $ before a job is found. I understand the crippling feeling of looking for one. I feel the same. It’s been 7 years since I’ve worked FT in my career field. While my PT jobs have been related, I haven’t worked at the same pace nor the same kind of challenging projects. My self esteem has taken a hit. I hear you regarding support groups. I think the unemployment office here has a job search support group. Maybe there is the same by you? Thanks for relating though I’m sorry you are also experiencing challenges. Wishing you best!

I feel that way too alot recently where I feel like instead of good and bad days I just have bad and bad days.. my Dr even added another med to the ones I'm already on (Prestiq) she added Topamax and it's still not helping at all.. I feel like all I have are down days now and there CONSTANTLY a dreading worried feeling in my stomach and even on my kinda good mood days it's always there lingering in the back of my mind.. I'm tempted to just say screw the meds and get off bc I don't feel like they're helping at all.. I read something recently about meds messing with your serotonin levels which can actually make you more depressed..which is why some antidepressants or antianxiety meds side affects are WORSENED depression and/or anxiety.. which I feel like kinda defeats the purpose.. I feel desperate to just feel at least semi happy or just content but no matter what I do I just can't. I hope you get better or at least get out of the funk you're in soon. Believe me I understand how you feel..

Feeling similar to you. I’ve been off meds after being on them 30+ years. Recently tried a couple of different ones and had bad reactions, so I’m not on anything right now and life is rough. But I hate this horrible empty, sad, anxious feeling I have every day.

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