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The ADAA Health Unlocked Community is 6 Years Old!

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We are delighted to be celebrating our 6th anniversary as a Health Unlocked community. Our aim when we launched this community in 2016 was to offer a space for people struggling with anxiety and/or depression to find support with peers. A safe, comforting place to share personal journeys and experiences. Now with close to 70,000 subscribers from around the world this online support community has become a vital forum. Thank you all and keep the conversations going!

Best wishes and health,

The ADAA team

9 Replies
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think I`ve aged 20 years in that 5 but congratulations and thanks for providing us all with the forum.

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You certainly have achieved your goal. This support forum was so needed.

A safe place to come. As the numbers grow each day, may we continue to help

others with dignity and grace. Happy 5th Anniversary Health Unlocked Community.

Together, we've got this. Agora1 :) xx

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Wow! I’m really pleased to have found the support group, it’s seemed a safe place to discuss things and I don’t feel daft asking the questions that ‘might’ seem silly. I’ve been treated with dignity and respect, which is a rare quality to find anywhere these days.

Thank you. 😊👏

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I think I have aged a lot in the 5 years (and more) I have been on here like Kenster. I have had a lot of help from people over the years and I have tried to help others in turn. There are some great people on this site and thank you for running it for us.

I do have one question though please. I always thought it was not acceptable on any site to 'hijack' other people's posts and make them all about yourself instead. This does seem to happen quite a lot here and I would be grateful if you could clarify this please.

I am not criticising but just observing and would appreciate your thoughts on this. Thank you.

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Marshall64 in reply to hypercat54

I agree that highjacking of threads has become more of an issue lately. I'll see a post of someone seeking support and help have their post highjacked from someone looking for attention. The offending person will have multiple posts of their own but won't leave it at that. I am afraid that the person seeking help will get ignored and then maybe leave the forum. It is frustrating to see this happen on a continuous basis.

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Dolphin14 in reply to hypercat54

There has been quite a bit of that going on for sure.

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LilyAnnepuppy in reply to hypercat54

We are sick people and often feel like everything is about us. But you’re right Hyper, there’s no need to take over someone else’s post.

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We are lucky to have the community.


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