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Why is there to do after all that you've been through?

Hello everyone for the past years I've been up and down but for right now I'm trying to make something new out of myself and I want to get better at this but I just never knew how to ask for help... it's hard for me I'm trying to get all the help I can but I just don't know where to start these scars these events in my life has blocked me from being the person I want to be I know that I am full of potential I just want to use it but I know I can't do it on my own... I write novels on some days were I feel like I have the motivation to do so but most of the time I struggle to get where I need to be sometimes my past brings me down and I don't know how to tell my partner or the people around me on how difficult and bad it feels it's like a force in you is pinning you down and controlling your mind for the most part I feel like I have gone a long way but it be nice if I knew how to control part of myself and not feel anxious or feel afraid and learning to give everyone around me a chance for me to trust them to get to to know me better and understand me a little but I'm am stuck and confused on how to do so with my career path with everything else so please I just need someone to be a very great help in to do so

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Hello! Everyone here knows how you feel and the hardships of all your days, I just want to tell you that there are better days ahead.you're a strong woman and you know why? Because you're still fighting and never give up.trust me your life will get better,you will have better days,I promise you.keep doing what you like,keep writing if that’s what you love.keep your self busy,”i know how you feel”I’ve been there too,i am still struggling each day of my life but I don’t give up.everyone here are very proud of you

We are your family don’t ever forget that ok?

All the best to you. God bless.


Thank you! I appreciate it

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