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Don’t know

I’m not sure how to even put my words into thoughts

I saw my therapist today and she started EMDR on me

I had acupuncture yesterday need to two more times this week

I was supposed to have surgery on my wrist on Thursday but had to cancel because my insurance canceled do to lack of payment

Part of the reason I can’t sleep because of the carpel tunnel pain in my arms

I can’t afford all these bills but I need the help

I work hard everyday but it’s not enough

I’m stressed but I feel calm? But like numb not sure how to put it

I want to cry but I can’t

Hope all of you had a better day

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Wow. I know you feel overwhelmed.

Have you tried those bandages from the pharmacy / drug stores that you put on your wrist? If it’s bad enough you need surgery, it won’t fix it, but it may stabilize it enough that you can sleep. Then maybe you can at least postpone it.

Good for you in the EMDR. I am really interested to hear more about that and whether you feel it helps. Is the acupuncture also for depression / anxiety? Do you feel it helps?

Don’t know where you live, but there is often low cost mental health care available.

Hang in there.


Hey there, just thought I would throw in my 2 cents regarding acupuncture for the carpal tunnel. I had a really bad fall a year ago. Anckle was the size of a melon and PCL partial tear. I had the option of surgery but the tear was minimal and could heal. However my ankle down to my toes were numb and burning. I went to a wonderful spiritually connected accupucturist and with in 4 sessions both my knee and ankle (opposite legs for the record) we're both doing SO much better. The numbness and burning was gone, I was off crutches. I'm so glad I didn't have surgery. Hang in there and continue the Acupuncture. I've gone to 2 different places and I knew the 2 lady was going to help me because as I layed on the table I could feel the energy in my body moving around. Find someone you connect with and get ready to heal that carpal tunnel!! Keep us updated on your EMDR therapy. I'm very interested to hear about that!! Keep in touch!



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