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Frustrated but hopeful

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Having experienced anxiety and depression for several years, I have improved so much lately and was actually looking forward to holidays and social occasions that for a while I would dread. I have a sore throat and ears and feel really drained since Sunday and somehow the feelings of enjoying anything seems impossible. I know that I will feel better again, but just find it so frustrating that the joyous feelings don't seem to last. I want to be the person who is grateful and tolerant and am working on it, but sometimes revert to the cynical and scathing one I don't like.

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Well you might have allergies ...take something for that...

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Thanks for your reply. What makes you think it might be allergies and do you have any recommendations as to what would help?

It’s ok to take a step back sometimes. We all do. You have plenty of time to get better before the holidays. The sadness you feel today will pass.

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Thanks AuntBea. I know I will feel better. Just need to wait

The symptoms you're describing...and the time of year of could try flonase ..goes up your nose inhaled so won't make you sleepy.. A lot of mold and dust mite allergies this time of year could take Allegra or claritan too..feel better 😊

Also take vitamin C and B vitamins as we go into cold and flu season will keep your immune system humming

Vitamin C and B vitamins will keep your immune system running

It seems you have come a long way with your depression and anxiety so don't beat yourself up by having a small setback every now and them. be proud of where you are now.

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Thanks Mayte, I have definitely improved. I have been reading a lot about Mindfulness and brain entrainment. They seem to be very effective I am also much better at dealing with the bad days and not getting into the 'Here we go again' mindset

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