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Rough day? Fight it.

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The day is only how you make it. I came home from work just feeling so overwhelmed. And of course my mind is telling me crazy thoughts. For about two hours I am constantly just over thinking everything you can imagine in my head. BUT then it hit me, you didn't have a rough day, you came home to relax, and your mind told yourself NO. I am going to trick you in every way possible to think today was rough.

So.. I sit for a little bit thinking why am I thinking these things? I decided to think about every moment today to be grateful for today...

1. I woke up healthy

2. Work was easy

3. I came home to my three fur babies just giving me all the love they can give

4. I have a roof over my head

5. I am not alone

.... and so on and so on

See that's the thing, you have to reverse your mind out of that awful habit. (It takes ALOT of practice and patience ) it just takes one day to change how you think, and I did that for myself today.

Tell yourself just to keep swimming my loves. Take one day at a time. Go as fast or slow as you need to.

It does get better. Love you all.

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Yeah my dog is always so happy to see me it melts my heart.

Thank you for such a sweet and uplifting message, Maygan.

Thank you for your positive note, I am in a constant battle with my brain I know it is the anxiety, as I am a person who's glass if at least 1/2 full. I have ordered a new book about Anxiety and how to deal with it. If it turns out a winner I'll let you know. Sprinkle 1

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Maygan in reply to Sprinkle1

Yes please ! I found a book on Amazon it's called F*** Anxiety. (Kinda vulgar) but it's very honest . I plan on ordering it soon

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