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Rough morning


Hey everyone

I'm having one of those rough mornings. Started with a nightmare keeping me up most of the Night. Thinking of things I don't wanna think of. I just wanna pull the blanket up over my head and stay in bed all day. I'm off tomorrow from work so just have to make it through this day.

Hugs to everyone today

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Find somewhere peaceful to go to today. Park, Nature Trail, Beach, Lake, somewhere. Take this day for yourself.

Michael8072 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Kshagan

I've got a plan to go to the beach tomorrow morning. Rain is in the forecast but I'm praying it holds off till later in the day. Either way I'm gonna make it a me type day and try and not work myself up.

I hope you had a good day!

I am having a rough Morning Too. I just finished a long period of stressful work and now I am slammed into depression. I know that this is my typical cycle, and I know that the depression won't last, but it is still a terrible feeling.

I hope you feel better as your day moves on.

Michael8072 in reply to gerg

Thank you Gerg. My day got better work is over. Now the next step is to stay active for the next couple of hours and distract myself until I'm super tired hopefully. So I can fall asleep. After work is the usual time for my depression and loneliness to really kick in.

I feel like mine is a cycle just like yours. Work then home and my depression kicks in.

I hope your feeling better and your day got better as well.

Big hugs. I know the feeling. Getting out of bed today was hard (just like it is everyday). I literally live for the weekends when I can just curl up under a blanket and hid from the world.

Michael8072 in reply to abc1517

Hi abc

Thank you. Hugs to you. I hope you had a good day.

Sometimes I feel like you need to just do that. Curl under the blanket over your head and just rest if you can.

I hope the mornings get easier for you to roll out of bed.

Hi, Michael. I'm sorry you had a rough morning. It's difficult to start the day. Take this day for yourself and do something nice and healing. Like the others said, go somewhere beautiful.

I have a little dread this morning as well. I have things to do that I find cumbersome and I'm procrastinating. At the same time I have general worries.

Rumination is what happens a lot to me. I get stuck thinking about problems..

One strategy that you can look into is keeping a worry journal. You draw a line in the middle. On the left side write your worry. On the right side. Jot solutions. Write if you might need help. Sometimes the problem is out of our control. I will write. Out of my control. Sometimes the solution takes time to solve. Or it might not be solved then you find ways to accept it.

i had to schedule a worry time maximum. 30 min to an hour. But that's it and use my worry journal. The rest of the time I had to spend taking care of myself.

I hope your days get better. Be kind and take it easy on yourself. Don't bottle up your worries. Someone might have some great advice to help you.



Michael8072 in reply to Ayla-Kat

Thank You Ayla-Kat

I made it through my work day. I've made a plan for my day off tomorrow. I have to wake up early and help with our delivery truck and then I'm gonna go to the beach. As long as it's sunny out. Rain is in the forecast but I'm praying for a sunshiny morning for me. My boss said I could have had the day completely off but I know if that happened id never leave my bed. I always help with the truck so I didn't want to not help. The plan worked last Thursday. So if it worked once it's gotta work twice!!

I do write things down that bother me and I like your idea of the worry journal with the 2 columns. I'm gonna incorporate that into my notebook. Thank you for your wonderful suggestions!

I hope you got the things done that were on your mind and that you had a good day! How are you Feeling?

I will continue to share. I can't go back to bottling things up right now.

Take care of yourself. Big hug!

hang in there Michael....hope you can regroup and rest up tomorrow....

Thank you! I made it through the work day. Now just have to make it through tonite. One step at a time!

that's a good way to cope with our stuff's when I get all my stuff all balled up and I get upset about stuff that has happened or hasn't happened yet, that I become all screwed up emotionally....and then when I finally calm down....I know things will come steps .....I'll get there eventually...

Yes babysteps!

How are you today?

I'm doing good Michael....thank you for the little ones today again...finally I'm in that up-swing part of the emotional roller coaster thing...for me, so it's good, taking things on board with little stress..I am happy today...that is the growth...I can actually have happy days....there are blue days still...probably always will have them, but at least now I know they will pass.

That's great news! Glad your doing good! Yes we gotta remember that when the blues hit it can pass us by and the good days are right behind it ready to appear again. :)


I am basically in the same boat. I feel like I have this big sign on my chest that says "caution this person may snap out at any second, beware"

Michael8072 in reply to Hidden

Hi SD.

Hugs to you. I hope your day starts getting better.

Hi, Micheal. I hope you are enjoying your catch up day. Maybe you can find small pleasures even if you stay indoors. I hope you feel better.

I didn't get around to what I needed to do yesterday. I felt anxious and kept procrastinating. I think I am going to the library to do it. At home I just want to distract myself.


My major accomplishment yesterday was going to the hot tub in my condo complex by myself. It was nice and got my muscles to relax. I plan to go everyday now. I know baby steps.

Enjoy your day off. Feel free to share. It makes me feel less alone.

😻 Ayla-Kat

Michael8072 in reply to Ayla-Kat

Hello Ayla-Kat

Thank you. I will try and doing something small so I can feel better that I stayed in.

Hot tub Sounds great! I'm glad to hear you did that! It can be so relaxing. That sounds like a great plan! Baby steps are good!!

I will continue to share as everyone is so very helpful and caring!!

I hopeyour day has been going well!

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