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Is it my time

I’m lowkey having a panic attack just thinking that it’s my time to go. I feel like I’ve made peace with demons in my life and I’m becoming so enlightened because of this existential wormhole I’ve been in that I can’t live on this earth anymore. Everything is so deep, the smallest things have stirred up conversations in my mind that no one else would have. I start feeling nervous thinking this is it, this is a part of life - to reach enlightenment however you reach it and move on. And something around me feels like I’m getting close to my peak. I hope I don’t sound too crazy, I can’t describe it any other way.

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Poodie chill relax you got this. Don't stress I know it's easier said then done but life is already short don't make it shorter. You got lots to live for


I do not mean this sarcastically at all, but my suggestion is - one, stay alive. Two, go clean your bathroom. I mean, deep clean. If you're like most people, it could use it, and doing so will get you out of your head. Third, you have a lot of thoughts going on and it might be good to make an appointment to talk to a counselor.

Above all, keep breathing and stay alive.

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Thanks for this. I meant more like it feels like my time is coming, not that I will voluntarily commit suicide. I just feel like what else is there even. I feel like I’ve reached a peak


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